My dog Max became a teacher on the weekend and I was his student.Animal Communication with Maxy.

This was part of an animal communication workshop held by Simonne Lee who has developed her own easy to learn, feel good method of training.

I first met Simonne a few years ago. Living in Sydney she does house calls to locals needing assistance with their pets.  Or so I thought….

My cattledog Maxy had become seriously cranky with anyone knocking on the door.  I figured Simonne could come talk to him, help him reason and show him whose boss. I’d tried everything and didn’t know what else to do. Well it turns out it wasn’t Max, it was us who needed help…

My partner was not too keen on people coming over and I was picking up Max’s anxiety making things doubly confusing for him. Maxy had taken over as house security.

We also received confirmation Max really was talking with Simonne, he told her things only he would know for example who fed and walked him, what time his dinner was and what he liked to eat. Who his best friend was and why he tried to ambush the cat next door as he usually likes cats.

Simonne taught us grounding methods and small things to curb Max’s behaviour like walking in the house before him and not feeding Max snacks whilst cooking. You see Max had started training us – as his house security team. This was serious business for him as ‘our pack leader’.

Simonne explained we needed to communicate with Maxy like a 3 year old with simple words. When he was in an aggressive state it was like a 3 year old having a tantrum in a shopping centre knowing it’s wrong but unable to stop.

With new measures in place and rules for both Max and us after a few weeks he was still cranky with people coming over but would calm after a few minutes instead of half an hour.  This was after just one session with Simonne – eternally grateful I stayed in touch.

Well back to Saturday’s animal communication workshop…  After a grounding meditation we learned about the five senses and how to open our Chakra’s whilst connecting with our pets energy.   Three of the main senses are naturally empathic (feeling), seeing and hearing. Simonne uses all five however we were encouraged to start with what came first to us.  For me it’s feeling but I can now start to hear and see.

This was confirmed by looking at participant’s photos with questions they’d written down about their pet.  I did three readings and got all the questions right through hearing, seeing and feeling! I couldn’t believe it. Everyone else in the class doubted they could do it but had real live proof and confirmation.  We were all at our next level as animal communicators!

Our animal communication teachersSimonne showed us how to open our chakras and visualise each colour whilst opening. We then visualised a cord come from our heart, through our throat to our third eye connecting to the animal. They communicate telepathically with pictures so we don’t need to see them ‘in person’.

My first reading in the workshop was with a lady who was having trouble with her neighbours cat.  I saw the cat all wet, it told me it didn’t like being inside and I felt sad when I spoke to it.  It turns out the cat next door was attacking it – she pours water over the neighbours cat to stop it but got her own cat (which is what I saw). She had to keep her cat inside as it’s been in and out of the vets with thousands of dollars in fees and yes the cat was a bit depressed about the whole situation.

Our animals communicate with us from a feeling of unconditional love, if you can tap into this energy the connection will come so much clearer and easier.

I’m inspired and grateful with my new gift; it’s always been a dream to talk with the animals.  Thank you Simonne and Maxy for helping me xo

You can learn more about how to communicate with animals with these six simple steps >>

Do you have any animal communication experiences you’d like so share?

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