B2FE86A4EAC042F9C9DA478437E31BAEIt seems to me that we never before have at our fingertips such a wealth of soul seeking, self enlightenment, books and dvds, and even recordings to play into our earphones that we should be all walking around in a spiritual haze of mystic success. But sometimes, just like any other treasure chest we are given, less is more and back to the basics can be just as progressive and easier to take in. Visual therapy or creativity can open up lots of good feelings and help us in balancing our mind, body and soul.

When we are young and beginning to learn to read and digest so many exciting new words and sentences we open the picture book and learn to recognise, connect and imagine naturally and it all begins there. Taking a look at our own lives, a little of what you fancy (visually of course) can be just the tonic to boost and stimulate our senses and give us a little bit of inspiration to move onto further discoveries. There is no knee bending or special bandana involved in vision and dream boards, or even special menus to follow for forty days and forty nights, and yet they can bring about a realisation, which is as rewarding as therapy and are free for all.

Vision boards are created from your “favourite” pictures from magazines, newspapers or similar and pasted or pinned to display moods, hopes and dreams or even just simply because you like the image. They can be themed or generalised and you can have them at office, work or in diaries and journals. Some people paste the pair of shoes they dream of buying or the field of poppies print that act as an instant pick me up – they are what you feel and therefore connect entirely with you personally. Because we live in such a technological society creating online vision boards are even possible which provide space for your own visionary images and can be updated, added to or as your taste changes removed. Learning how to create your perfect vision board can create magic in your life, help bring abundance, manifest your perfect relationship. It’s about the law of attraction.

A friend of mine decided the colour reflected by her wardrobe was uninspiring blues and greys but she was a little less daring to rush out and buy the bright orange dress she had seen earlier in the store, so she created a vision board with different colours as the theme and slowly as she became more drawn and attracted to new shades, she ventured out and bought a shirt in pink, a skirt in green and within the next few months had a beautiful rainbow colour of choices to suit every occasion at hand and felt delighted that she could feel brighter from the outside as well as in.

Sometimes we all need a push to venture out of our comfort zones. By starting with a visual activity we can bring a little more confidence into our lives and even make physical changes. They can work in many ways and even prevent cosmetic disasters so when your penchant for lime green walls doesn’t look quite so appealing on the vision board after looking at it for a week or so, you may be quite glad for the visual creativity which has helped your real life situation!


Hi I’m Tameera, nice to meet you! I’m an intuitive, astrologer, master numerologist, relationship alchemist
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My clientele includes Hollywood celebrities and luxury brands. I love connecting with all walks of life and find the accuracy and shifts behind my gifts never ceases to amaze.

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