Astrology and numerology are 3,500 year-old ancient sciences. We choose our name and date of birth before we come to earth which gives our frequency. This is part of your souls blueprint and Akashic records. Your vibration helps you to understand your authentic self, empowering you on a whole new level.

Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta was born in Manhattan New York City, 28 March 1986, better known as Lady Gaga (a nickname she called herself from the Queen song “Radio Gaga” that stuck).

Lady Gaga, is an American singer, songwriter and actress. Known for her unconventionality, provocative work, philanthropy and visual experimentation. She began performing as a teenager, singing at open mic nights and acting in school plays. With a current net worth of 275 million she shot to new heights winning an Oscar as lead actress and writing an original song in ‘A Star is Born’ released in 2018.

Let’s look deeper at the energy at what makes Lady Gaga a Hollywood legend.

Through numerology we can understand our heart/soul, personality and how we express ourselves from our name. Our destiny cannot be changed – it comes from our original birth certificate name. Our numerology vibration also shares our compatibility with others, our face to the world, life-force and attitude.

Lady Gaga goes by the name Stefani Germanotta to her co-stars, friends and family. Looking at her numbers, either way she has three 1’s in her chart. With a 1 in her heart and soul, 1 dayborn and 1 lifepath this reveals Lady Gaga was born to be different and standout. Lady Gaga expresses herself through her art as an entrepreneur and pioneer. Leading the way like no other in her creative pursuits.

ONES are independent, self motivated, and hard workers. They have a strong desire to be number 1. Multitasking is something they tend to be very good at, and keeping busy is important to them. The 1s will not tolerate laziness from people they spend time with.
 The unbalanced side of 1’s in your numerology chart is, “If I can’t do something perfectly I won’t do it at all.” The key is… once you understand your 1 energy, you too can lead the way.

“I have always been an artist,” Gaga told the Telegraph in 2010. “And I’ve always been famous, you just didn’t know it yet.”

At the age of 24, Lady Gaga knew she was destined to be number 1 in her heart and soul and she followed through to worldwide icon status.

Having sold 27 million albums and 146 million singles as of January 2016, Gaga is one of the best-selling music artists in history. Her achievements include several Guinness world records, nine Grammy Awards, an Academy Award, a BAFTA Award, two Golden Globe Awards, and an award from the Songwriters Hall of Fame and the Council of Fashion Designers of America. She has been declared Billboard’s Artist of the Year and included among Forbes’s power and earnings rankings. [source Wikipedia] That’s what a number 1 heart and soul, number 1 life-path and 1 dayborn numerology can achieve!

Lady Gaga is known for her work integrity and studiousness. So besides being an Aries (and the rest of her planets), which I’ll share soon is Lady Gaga’s strong work ethic in her numbers as well?

Holding a numerology 4 expression, 4 destiny and 4 attitude in her vibration. Lady Gaga epitomises the builder in life. Taking a long strenuous career path to create opportunities. Orderly, tidy, likes stability, works to a specific plan and loyal. Oprah Winfrey is another example of the 4. Creating foundations that last. Usually well educated and hard working.

It’s Lady Gaga’s destiny as a 4 vibration to leave a lasting foundation in the world. And to teach others through her work.

If you have two or more 1’s in your numerology blueprint and you’re following the direction of others, you’re going to end up depressed and not reaching your full potential.

Lady Gaga has embraced her 1 energy, not only as a leader and pioneer in her field. She is also constantly reinventing herself. She was only the third person to wear the priceless 128.53 Carat “Tiffany Diamond” necklace last worn by Audrey Hepburn in the 1961 feature ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’.

With a numerology 3 personality, Lady Gaga embodies this energy as a writer, actor, singer, performer and communicator. 3 personalities are the natural comedian. They can be manic depressive if not using their creative energy and tend to exaggerate the truth. Known for their trademark smile, eyes and voice.

Lady Gaga’s numerology intensity number (from the letters in her name) gives an equal ratio of three 1’s and three 7’s. Again the 1’s are showing up, she is born to lead, direct and truly be number 1 in her field. Lady Gaga is self-reliant and whatever she sets her mind to becomes number 1.

The 7’s in her numerology intensity number shares she is an individualist, striving for perfection. Lady Gaga will like to learn by herself and through her own experiences, becoming an expert in her field, an eternal philosopher. This also reveals Lady Gaga wants to discover the greater experiences life can offer. Her numerology intensity 7’s also reveal she will only share her true self to people she decides to.

Numerology Birth-Grid for Lady Gaga: 28 March 1986

Looking at Lady Gaga’s numerology birth-grid, she holds a 3-6-9 plane of empathy. This plane enables people to understand another person’s emotions – they can easily put themselves in the other person’s shoes. People like to use their mind with this plane – they are highly intelligent however may not have made it through traditional schooling. They can become masters of their chosen field. It’s important for them to be mentally stimulated. Relationships are very important and they don’t like to be alone. True to form, Lady Gaga’s schooling was nontraditional, dropping out of university age 21 to pursue a music career.

Lady Gaga also holds a numerology 1-2-3 plane of thought. People with this plane are able to withdraw into their surroundings with nothing distracting them. They can switch off mentally and become lost in their own world, which can be great if they are absorbing or learning about something.

They make great speakers and are seldom lost for words. Those under the plane of thought will enjoy researching an area they are interested in or becoming eternal students. Lady Gaga is a master artist, and is known to ‘become one’ with her roles.

Through numerology we can understand the vibration of each year, which runs in 9-year cycles.

Looking back to 2008 for Lady Gaga, she arrived on the pop circuit age 22 with her breakout hit “Let’s Dance”. The 5 year can bring massive change and freedom to our lives. There can also be an element of chaos. I’d say she was feeling the need to break free and just went for it.

Lady Gaga was in a 6 personal year in 2018. The 6 year is pregnant with love! This is the year we can find great love within our career and personal lives. When a Star is Born was released in 2018, touching so many hearts around the world. I don’t know anyone who didn’t shed a tear or two after watching her performance. I feel Lady Gaga’s heart opened in new ways during 2018.

She will now move into a 7 personal year from her birthday on March 28, 2019, which is going deeper within and finding your spiritual self. Lady Gaga is also in a 4 pinnacle (from her birth until 2021) which, like her destiny, her life has been about working hard to achieve her goals. From 2022 Lady Gaga will move into a 7 pinnacle for 9 years – this shows me she’ll be going deeper into her work (if that’s possible!) and her spirituality. I see more writing with producing and directing on the cards.

Lady Gaga born Stefani Germanotta: 28 March 1986 Manhattan New York 9.53am

Lady Gaga is an Aries Sun – this is her core being and where she shines in the world, however there’s lots more pieces to the pie.

The outer ring of your chart denotes the twelve houses.  The housing system is unique to each person.  The first house starts during the time of your birth.  The first house is also called your “Rising Sign” or “Ascendant”.  Each house represents a specific segment of your life. We often move further into our ascendant as we grow older.

Planets that are located in houses will bring attention to that area of your life.   The type of energy comes from the planets.  The energy will sit within the houses.  How that energy manifests and how you use it, is determined by the characteristics of the Zodiac Sign that it falls in.

Planets also form aspects to each other. This is Lady Gaga’s Natal Astrology Chart in summary:

Lady Gaga’s Sun and Venus form a conjunction in her 11th house of Aquarius. This means popularity is important and to be liked and appreciated (Lady Gaga was bullied in school for being different). Sun conjunct Venus people can restore balance. With an amazing eye for style and the good life. Generally, people with this placement will enjoy a certain amount of luxury (hello net worth 275 million!)

Planets in Aries operate through contests, competitions, challenges and battles. Aries is about being first, taking territory, seizing the day and generally rattling other people’s cages! It’s about assertiveness and power. Good position for a sports person. Marrying up with Lady Gaga’s 1’s in her chart – Aries is also the first sign of the zodiac. People with this placement really don’t like to be fenced in and have boundless enthusiasm for projects and goals they want to achieve.

With Lady Gaga’s Sun and Venus in the 11th house of Aquarius – it’s about social acceptance and a greater love within her community. An independent visionary.

Lady Gaga’s moon is in the intense fixed sign of Scorpio (within the Leo house, also a fixed sign). This shows, when she makes her mind up about something there is no stopping her. Intense and passionate is how she will live her life. There is also an element of needing to be in control. Emotionally with Lady Gaga’s moon in Scorpio, she will operate through ‘power’ money, property and possessions.

With communication in the 12th sign of Pisces, Lady Gaga will often see life through rose tinted glasses escaping into a world of her own when things go grey. Pisces is mutable and twelfth sign of the Zodiac – it’s like an old soul. The two fishes are symbolic of one half looking for the other in through the oceans of life. This is a natural placement for a musician, artist or visionary – quite able to see things others can’t. In the 10th house of Capricorn this gives an overlay to ambition, career and discipline.

Lady Gaga’s mars energy (anchor and drive in life) is in Capricorn the goat, ruled by Saturn, with lessons in moving through limitations. Her drive in life is ambition and hierarchy. Capricorn is about keeping something permanent and stable – for example building strong pyramid-styled structures – skyscrapers or ‘firms’. With a Libra overlay – this shows balance through relationships.

I’m also slightly envious of anyone who holds a Gemini ascendant (face to the world). Lady Gaga (and anyone with this placement) can multi-task like no other. Super adaptable, with a gift of mastering new things. This gives the gift of speech and in-fact could probably sell ice to an Eskimo!

Finally with Lady Gaga’s Pisces Midheaven (a mutable sign like her Gemini ascendant) – this shows through her career comes intuition, imagination and compassion. A natural musician, artist and visionary – able to see things others can’t through her work.

Sharing a Facebook post that surfaced recently, which says it all really. I love this so much. To anyone who has moved through limitations in this world, this is for you!

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