The year I reinvented myself! Jupiter returns to Capricorn 3 / 4 December 2019 for 12 months. Jupiter represents growth, abundance and luck.

Every 12 years we have a Jupiter return when the gods seem to shine down upon us! Jupiter return years are a peak time of growth bringing a renewed lust for life. Travel, study, your destiny, soulmate relationships and spirituality are highlighted now. My beloved cattle-dog Maxy came into my life during my last Jupiter return 12 years ago – he’s brought so much abundance and unconditional love to me on a soul level.

You’ll receive even more by tuning into the energy of Capricorn this year. It’s your turn to manifest your hearts desires as you have the Midas touch! Jupiter shows where you can find your sense of joy again. Think big. Let your inner fire ignite your soul!

Remember you are source energy in a physical body. Create a vision board to help manifest your desires. Plan. Surround yourself with people who inspire you. Watch how your life magically unfolds. This can be the year you look back with wonder.

If your birthday falls during the following years Jupiter is returning for you with a little present!

Jupiter is the planet of expansion, improvement and opportunity, so this is a time to expand horizons in earthly, material matters, and to go beyond what is already familiar and invest in something important for the future. Jupiter is also the planet of good luck and good fortune so opportunities should come our way inspiring us to expand and improve ourselves.

Jupiter Return Capricorn Dates (returns 3 / 4 Dec 2019 to 19 / 20 Dec 2020)

While Jupiter transits Capricorn, the energy associated with Capricorn is likely to become more accentuated in our lives, which means improved wealth, status and material security are likely to flourish both personally and globally during this period. Embrace this energy to take on new responsibility, go for that career you’ve always wanted.

Anything you’ve worked for with passion can transpire now.

If your birthday falls within the following years you hare having a Jupiter Return in Capricorn commencing 3 / 4 December 2019 to 19 / 20 December 2020 (depending on where you live in the world).

3 Dec 1936 – 20 Dec 1937
16 Nov 1948 – 30 Nov 1949
2 Mar 1960 – 10 June 1960
27 Oct 1960 – 15 Mar 1961
13 Aug 1961 – 4 Nov 1961
7 Feb 1972 – 24 Jul 1972
26 Sep 1972 – 23 Feb 1973
20 Jan 1984 – 6 Feb 1985
18 Dec 2007 – 5 Jan 2009
3 Dec 2019 – 19 Dec 2020

Embrace the energy of Capricorn…

The Cardinal signs are Aries (fire), Cancer (water), Libra (air), and Capricorn (earth). Cardinal signs are leaders, strong-willed and have a desire for accomplishment. They are the doers, the movers and shakers in the world. Also known as “executive” signs, Cardinal sign personalities like to be involved in major projects and to take charge of whatever needs to be done. Your Sun, Moon and Jupiter will fully express this energy.

Capricorn is the Cardinal-Earth sign. Capricorns are natural goal setters. They willingly handle many tasks if it helps them get what they want. Many things get accomplished simply because they happen to be part of Capricorn’s overall efforts to reach higher goals. They need definitive guidelines. Rules and regulations provide structure they need for establishing the pattern of their own actions.

The Goldman Sachs tower is a Capricorn symbol. Why? Because Capricorn the mountain goat rules the top of any high place!

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