How Venus Retrograde can change your love and life July 25 to Sept 6, 2015

The planet of love, Venus goes retrograde approximately every 18 months for around 40-43 days. Right now she’s travelling in reverse motion against the backdrop of the stars, Venus doesn’Venus Aphrodite t really move backwards though appears to from our point of view on earth, which is where we feel the energy.

Venus in your astrological chart rules all things beautiful, how you express love in your life, the type of person you’re attracted to and how you like to be treated. Venus personifies love, beauty, creativity, beautiful objects, romance and partnerships. Venus also rules finances, with her natural ruler Taurus in the second house. Venus is now retrograde in Leo from July 25 to September 6, 2015.

Have you just met someone you really like and already thinking about a wedding date after a week? Maybe you’re going to propose to your significant other? About to move forward with a drastic new hairstyle or plastic surgery? How about re-decorating and buying that new painting you thought you couldn’t afford? A tattoo to help you achieve spiritual nirvana? Let me stop you right there.

The following might save you heartbreak, unwanted art and financial discord. To put things simply, when Venus is retrograde our perceptions on all things we think we love and make us feel beautiful are pretty skewed. What seems amazing now might not look so great when the retrograde is over.

We can enjoy rose tinted glasses during a Venus retrograde with our love life; think of short and oh so, so sweet. Items of beauty, including art seem irresistibly appealing but later left in an aftermath of what exactly WAS I thinking? Where was my best friend?! But it was sweet, right?

With the 6 being pregnant with love in numerology (can you see her belly sticking out?), I thought I’d share my top six secrets on how to make Venus retrograde work for you…

1. Hold off on the romantic proposal or wedding plans.

SO you’ve been planning for months on taking your special someone out to dinner, then surprising them with ring you’ve almost mortgaged your house on. What could possibly go wrong? Lots.

You might be familiar with Mercury Retrograde (which obscures travel and communications). When you book that ticket and your tropical island holiday ends up having an early monsoon, a volcano erupting or the airline losing all of your luggage…

When Venus goes retrograde LOVE is obscured. You might feel more drawn to tying the knot and cementing your wedding plans. Basically lamenting in all things love.

Warning: Life is not as it seems right now. You could end up having completely different ideas about how you want to get married, or when you want to start a family. Someone else could be coming into your life. For real. The proposal could go horribly wrong, wedding plans made now may well fall through.

AMAZING TIPS! If you’re in Vegas and suddenly decide to make a lifetime commitment after a few glasses of bubbly and a win on the slot machines you can be fairly certain of an early annulment and wondering why exactly you did this.

If you’re already getting married during Venus retrograde, with plans securely in place, have a good talk with your loved one about what you’re both desiring for the future, maybe write a couple of vows each and exchange to enrich your connection. Your wedding now (as long as it’s pre-planned) can feel like a soulmate connection.

On a final note don’t purchase the wedding dress you’ve had your eye on, hold off it’s just a month, because it’s more than likely you’re going to look back and repeat why me? Because Venus my dear friend is retrograde. That’s why. I told you.

2. Don’t break up with your partner (unless you really need to of course)

Whilst Venus is retrograde, you’ll be drawn closer to look at your current partner. The toothpaste lid being left off, the dishwasher not stacked properly, the shirt you really hate, domestication, it can start to really grate on you right now. The good news is your perception is skewed; emotions are elevated.

Instead of leaving or heading to the pub, write down a list of things you love about your partner, and a list of things you’d like to change. Keep a daily journal if things feel out of control. If these emotions have been around for a while, think about taking a weekend retreat for some timeout.

After Venus goes direct, review your thoughts, step into your heart and think is this person the one I desire to spend the rest of my life with? Can you imagine yourself with someone else, or seeing them with another partner? Are the small things really big things? What is it that you really, and I mean really want?

3. Just met your soulmate? Hold that thought.

Has the person of your dreams suddenly fallen into your life during Venus retrograde? Here’s my advice, everyone loves a bit of mystery. During this time, find out as much as you can about them. Listen very carefully and go to the restroom to take notes if you have to. Go on a few dates if you must; by taking things slowly you’ll be doing yourself a very huge favour. You might feel like moving fast, fast forward during a Venus retrograde, what you see is not what you get though.

Reality is clouded. If this really is ‘the one’ they’ll be around in a few weeks time, when you won’t have to re-tell your family and friends it was a bit of a false alarm. Make yourself available, but take it slow until September 7 when your love life will become more grounded and clear.

4. When old relationships, and patterns walk right back in. Just probably stop.

If single you your significant ex might pop right back into your life. You could find yourself thinking were things so bad? Or you’ll view the past with more clarity. Jumping into bed might seem like a good idea now, you might regret it a little in the morning though.

Partners who broke your heart can come to light, the reasons, the emotions, the who, what, where, why and how. With Venus in reverse, confusion becomes clarity. You might have been dating, madly in love planning to move in together then suddenly it all came to an abrupt end. During Venus’ retrograde you find yourself thinking about them and an imminent text or call is received. Your heart skips a beat and you decide to go on a dinner date…

Venus retrograde can bring you a sense of completion; that things might not be in your best interest in the long run, bringing you the peace you’ve been craving.

Old patterns of behaviour, how you may have sabotaged your own relationships or were sabotaged by others emerge. Meditation and yoga are beautiful ways to mindfully shift through what’s no longer needed for your very special growth.

5. Hold off on that investment, and don’t sign your life away.

With Taurus the ruler of Venus in the second house, finances are magnified. Your heart can rule your head. Investments can lose money and contracts signed turning sour. All is not as it seems. Financial markets, including the stock exchange can quickly change.

During Venus retrograde, this is a great time to file your tax return, get your receipts up to date, tie up lose ends and emerge with a feeling of power in your life. Review to renew the energy zone of your money matters.

6. For an art fix, go to your local gallery for inspiration. Forget the dolphin tattoo.

With Venus ruling love, creativity, beauty and finances in the second house, a new tattoo is NOT a good idea when Venus is retrograde. The dolphin inked on your chest you thought would bring you closer to planet Pleiades will actually bring you closer to tears when you realise the design/the artist you found/the amount you paid is going to cost you more to get lasered off. Even your dog hates it.

Likewise, artwork purchased can quickly lose value, or simply not look right in your home or office. What seemed like a good idea when Venus was retrograde turns out to be the highlight of your next garage sale.

Speaking of garage sales, this is the perfect time to unload all those items and clothes you no longer need or love. For others purchasing during a retrograde, used and vintage items can turn out to be one of life’s little treasures.

My advice for the next month with Venus retrograde in Leo, ruling your entertainment, creativity, hair, looks, risk taking behaviour and children zones, extra emphasis is placed in ALL these areas.

Just incase you were wondering, signing off on that new recording deal, getting your locks reshaped, tattoos, major artworks, sex without contraception and driving your car too fast are probably not such a good idea right now xo

Tameera Kemp is an Astrologer, Numerologist and Feng Shui Consultant working with home energies, compatibility, relationships, life direction and name changes.  She has a passion for helping people live their best life.

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  1. Wow! Very on point in the love dept. I saw about 3-4 breakups (one was my own) in July and August. All dealing with the theme mentioned above- needs being met or not by the partner and re-evaluating the relationship and past issues.

    Thanks for clarifying why it’s unwise to be impulsive during retro. My ex partner left me for a new person whose husband (yes, they are still married but possibly on the way to separation) had just confessed to infidelity on July 27… The following week, My ex partner confessed to second thoughts on our relationship – expressing major insecurity and doubt of my love for her and irritation with things that used to attract her to me. On August 8, she and the new person (met in July through a month long training for work) jumped full force into a passionate / intense relationship on August 6th and my ex partner advertised this new relationship in a tactless, extravagant and self focused manner immediately.

    My ex partner is a Leo sun, Gemini rising and I am Taurus and cap rising. We dated 8 months and she rushed into it very impulsively with me as well.

    The incidents, feelings expressed and abrupt endings and fast beginnings and reasoning behind it all coincided with Venus retrograde!

    It’s obvious that this new partnership is built on convenience- both people wounded looking for comfort and reassurance, did not know eachother well… Possible karmic ties? Now that Venus is direct I’m curious to see if it will last.

    I had a lot of intuition surrounding these individuals prior to these events and during the later half of July and into the first half of August.

    Crazy Venus retrograde this time around eh?!

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