From 7/8 July 2019 (depending on where you are in the world) we’ll experience the energy of five planets retrograding through the skies with Mercury, the planet of communication joining Neptune, Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn.

When Mercury turns retrograde, it slows down and appears to go backwards or more to the point becomes a pain your backside.

Astrology should be used like a weather forecast. If it looks like rain – pack an umbrella! If you speed you’ve been warned. Expect the unexpected. Friends you’ve not heard from for years can drop into your life and back out again just as quickly.

Mercury is known as the trickster of the zodiac – its ruler is Gemini the twins, an air sign with duality. If you have mercury in Gemini OR the sign it actually retrogrades, prepare to be more affected. Mercury rules technology, short trips and communications of all kinds.

You can often feel the effects of Mercury a week before it starts. For example, one of my best friends just messaged to share the lights in her building have gone out today, clients have also been messaging asking what is going on with the energy this week?! Another client just called – with my sister in laws number showing on my phone – when I called her Jennifer she was surprised and realised she had called the wrong number.  This is typical of mercury retrograde energy (which usually starts a few days before).

My advice for the next three weeks when Mercury Retrogrades: Hold off on buying a new car or signing for that new property or contract. Relationships started now can have a tumultuous beginning and/or be short lived. Booking travel should be avoided as you’ll find plans change later and things were not as you thought they’d be (unless you’re already away!) Save your files, don’t risk that parking ticket and prepare for delays. Keep your receipts and think twice before you speak…

The good news when mercury is retrograde? Old friends can and often do drop back into your life – it’s the perfect time to reconnect. It’s also a great time to sort out your admin and computer files, organise and plan for the future (without making concrete plans). Give your home a good detox! You can find solutions to outstanding problems, with mistakes being revealed.

Mercury Retrograde in Leo 7 to 18 July 2019 (Europe/USA) 8 to 19 July 2019 (Asia/Australia)

Leo the lion is the provider, it’s a strong fixed energy that loves to lead, perform and be the centre of attention. With Mercury Retrograde in Leo we can expect some backwards movement in this area.

For example, if teaching you could feel particularly challenged. If you’re building a media campaign you might come across snags. A review could come out you weren’t expecting. Ego’s will no doubt come into play during whilst Leo is retrograde.

As Leo also rules the lions main it’s advisable NOT to go for that massive change in hair! Be very specific at the hairdressers or you could lose more than you expected. Leo also rules aesthetics – how we adorn ourselves, which includes clothing, tattoos, face and body enhancements. Keep clothing receipts, and make sure gifts can be returned. In terms of your physical appearance – wait until August to make any major changes when the energy shifts into flow.

Mercury Retrograde in Cancer 19 to 30 July 2019 (Europe/USA) + 20 July to 1 August 2019 (Asia/Australia)

So, what does mercury retrograde in a water sign mean? Water rules the emotions so expect the floodgates to open up! Water signs are naturally intuitive, creative and emotional – you’ll find this will surface more if you have water signs in your astrology chart.

Cancer the crab rules the home, family and tradition. Get ready for emotional overload with the final 12 days of mercury retrograde in cancer. Family can feel more dramatic than usual. This is NOT the time to buy a new home! If signing a new lease now, triple check the fine details. Secrets will often be revealed when mercury retrogrades cancer.

If travelling during mercury retrograde in cancer you may find a strong sense of de-ja-vu or bump into a long-lost friend. Children in your life or close to you may have unexpected news. If trying for a child you could find yourself falling pregnant or finding a stray dog or cat that makes their way into your heart and/or home. Prepare to reminisce!

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