Today marks the first new moon for 2019 in Capricorn which is also a partial solar eclipse. Take some time out to recharge and quieten the mind 🌙

I’ve included excerpt from my Moon Lovers GuideSolar eclipses tend to create new beginnings and new opportunities. Occasionally, an important person to you will be “eclipsed out of your life”. A solar eclipse generally points to a prominent male in your life, so often a man may leave, a truth will be revealed about a man, or you will make plans to leave a relationship.

New Moon Eclipse Times exact for LA, NYC, London and Sydney
Los Angeles Jan 5 – 5:28pm
New York Jan 5 – 8:28pm
London 6 Jan – 1:28am
Sydney 6 Jan – 12:28pm

So how will a new moon affect me? A new moon releases negative ions – this is good time to let go of old ways of doing things to bring in new energy. Everything is in decline now – life energy, emotions and physiological activity. Plans requiring significant effort are not advisable now. This is an inauspicious time for people with low blood pressure and those prone to depression.

Capricorn Earth Moon (ruled by Saturn the planet ruling structure and moving through limitation)

Capricorn moons bring order and structure back to your life. This is more of a composed energy, which can be lightened by spending time with friends who can help you reach your goals. Make a gratitude list of how far you’ve come, make plans, listen to a self-help audible to bring you back to your flow. This is the perfect influence to enhance your business connections and make progress on the project you’ve been working on. You may also feel more solitary than usual – use this time to recharge ⭐️🌟✨🌙

Capricorn is also known as the “executive” sign, major projects can be accomplished now – take charge of whatever needs to be done.

Capricorns are natural goal setters. They willingly handle many tasks if it helps them get what they want. Many things get accomplished simply because they happen to be part of Capricorn’s overall efforts to reach higher goals. They need definitive guidelines. Rules and regulations provide structure they need for establishing the pattern of their own actions. The Goldman Sachs tower is a Capricorn symbol. Why? Because Capricorn the mountain goat rules the top of any high place.

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