Chiang Mai ThailandFeng Shui is ancient. Dating back to China around 3,500 years ago, it’s now embraced by western cultures for health, wealth, happiness, love and success.

Feng translates as wind and shui means water. In Chinese culture wind and water are connected to happiness and good health, so good feng and shui deciphered to good fortune.

“Wind and water were the original elements of creation: wind is breath, movement – which is given direction or intention by the spirit; and water is a prerequisite for life to develop.

For another clear view of the importance of wind and water, consider the name of that most beautiful archipelago, Hawai’i. “Ha” stands for breath, “wai” stands for water, and “i” stands for spirit. The Hawaiian people differentiate between breath (wind) and spirit. Spirit, among other things, symbolically represents heaven; and breath can be interpreted as some form of wind, as movement of the spirit; and all the while, heaven and wind are closely connected or rather intertwined.” Christina Viol, Toulouse 2003

The law of attraction works on good feeling energy. Remember everything is energy. When in harmony with your home and business, life will begin a flow of abundance like ripples across the ocean. Feng Shui is energy flowing through the universe and your life.

Celebrity millionaires embracing Feng Shui include Johnny Depp, Oprah Winfrey, Madonna, Bill Gates, Richard Branson, Julia Roberts, Tommy Hillfiger, Steven Spielberg, Deepak Chopra, Jerry Hall, George Clooney, Dolly Parton, Sophia Loren, Gwyneth Paltrow, Anita Roddick (Body Shop Founder), Cher and many more. Not to mention Donald Trump – literally.

“If you believe you still haven’t found your calling, it could be right in front of you. But the chi in your environment, for whatever reason, is blocking it. Maybe you live in too much chaos, with clutter in every corner. Or maybe obstacles (clutter, furniture, or geographical features) literally block the chi and opportunities from coming your way, so that you can capitalize on your true love, or what I call your true-life purpose. 

Employing Feng Shui tips can help you get out of your own way to find what it is you are really meant to do. And once you discover this, the pieces will fall into place. Other people have found their calling, but their environment is not in alignment with that purpose. Feng Shui can help with that, too.” Oprah Winfrey

“You just do it in Hong Kong; it’s like an engineering survey.” William Doyle, Former Chase Manhattan Bank Executive

“Whenever we open a new store we want to make certain that everything is in place. Success is easier if you’ve created a positive harmony.” Robb & Stucky’s Interior Design Studio – Olive Lubner

Coca-Cola headquarters Atlanta engages Feng Shui in their offices, reporting an increase in profits and employee efficiency.

The Body Shop founder Anita Roddick freely stated that her headquarters and shops around the world were designed using the principles of feng shui.

Feng Shui can feel confusing with the masses of information and techniques seemingly conflicting.  Some use a compass for your best direction with another school ignoring the compass using only a ‘bagua map’ for your best directions from the front door. So which one is best?

Just like languages teach us different words yet hold the same meaning: I understand / je comprends / entiendo. Or educational schools teaching diverse techniques the overall outcome is to enhance learning. Quite simply, Feng Shui enhances life through energy flow.

All feng shui schools teach the balance and flow of chi, translating to air, breath or life force energy. They also work with a Feng Shui map named Bagua or Pakua to bring balance to your life through the feng shui five elements of wood, fire, earth, water and metal. Feng Shui Bagua ChartSo where did it all begin?

Dating back to around 1700 BC, the Feng Shui Form School began from a desire to live in harmony with
the environment. Residing within the mountains and trees, residents wanted to feel harmony and protection.

Some saw a dragon in the mountains so viewed where they lived as being “in the belly of a dragon”. People felt harmony having a view of open space with water in front.  This led to homes built regarding “forms” of the land using the best feng shui; facing south protected people from mountain winds.  Graves were also built within chosen land formations, believing ancestors would give protection in their afterlife.

Several thousand years later the Compass School of Feng Shui was developed with complications intertwined for those in power to stay in power.

Many branches of the Compass School developed each with their own method to establish the optimum direction for an individual. This is where it starts getting confusing. For example, it’s best to see who’s entering your office, so having your desk against the wall makes sense. However your best direction could be determined as west so you end up facing the wall. Kind of like your GPS guiding you into a lake, it found the right direction but now you’re drowning.

An exciting shift took place in the 1980’s when Grandmaster Professor Thomas Lin Yun brought Feng Shui to Berkley, California incorporating teachings from both the Form and Compass Schools. Professor Lin Yun felt the compass was too confusing so removed it and the Black Sect Tantric Buddhist (BTB) Feng Shui School was born.

Professor Lin Yun paved the way incorporating a spiritual and intuitive energy to his Black Sect School.  An amazing soul, pioneering his own method to traditional Feng Shui which used mathematics and formulas.

Black Sect Feng Shui (also known as Western Feng Shui because it was intended for use in the west) uses a bagua map from the front door (the mouth of chi), giving deep insight and energetic cures.  Comparatively, Compass and Form Schools embrace the bagua via a compass and location.

On August 11, 2010, His Holiness Grandmaster Lin Yun left the San Francisco Bay Area and this world as we know it at the ripe old age of 79.  His work lives on.

A little more on the schools and history….

Black Sect School

Yes I know the Black Sect School sounds like a satanic cult.  However it’s origins date back to ancient Tibetan Buddhism. Professor Lin Yun brought Black Sect to Berkley, California around 1986.  Traditional schools work with a compass and a Bagua Feng Shui Map (like the one in this blog). The Black Sect school has no compass. The name is comes from the black clothing worn by those in the Beijing Buddhist monastery where Professor Lin Yun studied where black is beautiful.

The Black Sect works with Chi energy to balance. The feng shui practioner uses their intuition with a wish or intention to adjust the environment or client’s energy/chi for abundance.

CompasMaekok River chairss Feng Shui School

The Compass School uses an ancient instrument called the luopan a Chinese magnetic compass, also known as a feng shui compass for calculations.

A conventional compass has markings for four or eight directions, while a luopan typically
contains markings for 24 directions.

Unlike a typical compass, a luopan does not point to the north magnetic pole of Earth. The needle of a luopan points to the south magnetic pole (it doesn’t point to the geographic south pole). The Chinese word for compass translates to “pointing-south needle.”

Feng shui readings and recommendations are based on astrological data for clients and buildings.  Birth dates and times of home and business owners as well as building data determine auspicious and inauspicious directions and future adjustments.

Form School

The Form School is related to Geomancy (dowsing / placing buildings auspiciously).  It travels back to the most ancient feng shui practices when agrarian cultures saw anthropomorphic forms (resembling the human form) and symbols in landscape and cloud formations.  Their interpretations have been passed down to modern man through 5000 years.

Pyramid School

The Pyramid School of Feng Shui was founded by Nancilee Wydra, who in the early 1960’s, began research on the human condition as it relates to the environment in both nature based and built spaces. She travelled extensively to study feng shui and a myriad of other disciplines in order to compile scientific research that substantiated feng shui’s basic principles. In 1989 she founded the Pyramid School of Feng Shui.

Although the Pyramid School encompasses many of the major concepts shared by the Form and Compass Schools, and Black Sect Tantric Buddhism, it strives to combine the wisdom and knowledge from traditional schools while providing a core knowledge based on universal laws whilst filtering in cultural and geographical tastes. There is a heavy emphasis placed on current social, physical, and environmental sciences. Pyramid Feng Shui incorporates the knowledge gathered from Biology, Psychology, Geology and other social/physical sciences.

Western School

The Western School is one of the contemporary versions of The Form and Black Sect Schools, combined and reinterpreted to accommodate modern, western sensitivities whilst adhering to basic feng shui formulas.

The Western School is based on the principle that Feng Shui essentially is a reflection of you, your life and your desires. When your outer world is harmonious, inner changes take place.

Energy tips….

  • Keep clutter clear from your home, computer and car and wardrobes. It’s creating stagnant energy and taking up precious space – you need to let go to bring in the good stuff.
  • Accept some things happen for a reason and your highest good.
  • Don’t sweat the small stuff. Breathe and let it go.
  • Keep it simple. Life wasn’t meant to be complicated.
  • Learn to let go – your destiny is waiting to happen.
  • Remember time is energy and energy equates to money. How are you managing your time?
  • If you try to force your desires, life will become a struggle…. When you’re in life’s flow that’s when the magic happens.
  • What makes you happy? It’s simple – do that.
  • Practice gratitude and abundance will come your way.
  • When you’re in a good feeling zone, the rest will follow.
  • Life is about energy…so is Feng Shui.

‘Soul of a man how equal to water, fate of a man how equal to wind.’ ~ Goethe 


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