Feng Shui Energy Consultation  Living Room Floor with Maxy faded

Where you live and work is a reflection of you… interconnected energy. The law of attraction works on good feeling energy. When your space is in harmony with objects energetically in the right place and the space cleared, life flows with balance and prosperity to you.

Tameera will advise what needs to be moved, added or removed to bring abundance to your relationships, career, family, creativity, health, travel and wellbeing.

Tameera will tune into your environment, then cleanse and shift energy through photos of your address with astrology, numerology and Reiki. Tameera may have words, images, colours and scents come through, relationship residue, which needs to be lifted or unwanted energies to shift.

Can I do my own Feng Shui?

Sure you can. However with guidance you’ll have negativity cleared, with your home expertly navigated bringing you optimal prosperity, clarity and wellbeing.  Similar to styling your own hair – you can do it but an expert can make you look and feel so much better.

“Tameera did Feng Shui with numerology for my house. She decided to change its vibration by putting a “gold 6” inside the letterbox in order to re-calibrate my opportunities to receive abundance. Over the months the level of abundance that was bought into the house was overwhelming, people downsizing their own homes and giving me fantastic pieces of furniture and appliances, friends dropping by and bringing unexpected gifts, food, artwork and such great cheer.  I am now at the point whereby I have to start giving things away myself as my home has become so full its overflowing. I even bought some flowers, and the local florist smiled at me and picked up a second bunch and wrapped it together with the bunch I picked only charging me for one. I’m not sure how it works, I just know that it does. Thank you Tameera.”
~ Kelly-Ann Denton, Speaker and Creative Director imagineer.me

“We shape our buildings and afterwards our buildings shape us.” ~ Winston Churchill. Neuroscientists and psychologists have found plenty of evidence that buildings and cities can affect our mood and well-being, and specialised cells in the hippocampal region of our brains are attuned to the geometry and arrangement of the spaces we inhabit. A Feng Shui consultation with Tameera can change your world.

Book now hello@tameera.com or call 0415 794 897. You can combine this session with other services.

A full Feng Shui consultation takes up to 2 hours, which can be in one sitting or spread over two.
– 1 hour Skype $120
– 2 hours Skype $215
– 2 hours In-person $250
All consultations include a recording and energy clearing (remote and in-person) with a number to further change the vibration if needed. In-person locations include Sydney’s CBD, Inner West, Eastern Suburbs and Lower North Shore.

Worldwide calling options:

1. Skype for your session to be recorded.
2. Facebook Messenger (no recording).

Tameera is based in Sydney, Australia. Payment is in AUD via bank deposit or Paypal. A tax invoice receipt can be supplied on request.

Required before session:

  1. First and last names of you and your partner (if you have one).
  2. Dates and times of birth (if available).
  3. Your address.
  4. Your floor plan (can be drawn) with smoke detectors.
  5. Photos of outside your home, main bedroom, office, lounge, dining, kitchen and garden (can be sent via text).

How your session works:

Tameera will organise a time with you via email. Tameera will call you via Skype or mobile at your session time (unless you have chosen to call). Your recording will be sent by the next business day (except for in-person).

Did you know Feng Shui literally translates to “wind and water”?

“Wind and water were the original elements of creation: wind is breath, movement – which is given direction or intention by the spirit; and water is a prerequisite for life to develop. For another clear view of the importance of wind and water, consider the name of that most beautiful archipelago, Hawai’i. “Ha” stands for breath, “wai” stands for water, and “i” stands for spirit. The Hawaiian people differentiate between breath (wind) and spirit. Spirit, among other things, symbolically represents heaven; and breath can be interpreted as some form of wind, as movement of the spirit; and all the while, heaven and wind are closely connected or rather intertwined.” ~ Christina Viol, Toulouse 2003

“Soul of man how equal to water. Fate of man how equal to wind.” ~ Goethe