Manifest your Dream Life Law of Attraction Vision Board Workshop, Sydney







This is my second vision board workshop with Tameera and I’m very happy! I loved Tameera’s deep understanding of the law of attraction, energy and vision boards with her ability to communicate this easily and simply. The afternoon was perfect.

Harpal Dhillon

Tameera’s vision board workshop was life changing. She is a beautiful soul with a fun sense of humour. Tameera gives so much to everyone.

Sabrina M

Tameera’s workshop was life changing and absolutely perfect! It was also interactive!! Tameera is a wonderful facilitator with so much knowledge, wisdom, insight and beautiful energy. I left feeling inspired and understanding my intentions. I would not change a thing and am going to recommend it to all my friends!

Kylie Kapeleris

The vision board workshop was great value for money, I loved Tameera’s presentation! I found the focus on manifestation before the vision board very helpful. Thank you so much!! Today has been wonderful, and I have gained so much x

Pam Hanlon-Schafer

The first half was so inspirational and meaningful to guide us for our vision boards. I loved that you already took the time to learn our year number through numerology. It made it feel more personal and connected. I really liked Tameera’s teachings in the beginning, small group to create community and the dream sheet. Thank you so much! Really interested in attending more of your workshops xx

Danielle Davies

Very happy with Tameera’s vision board workshop! This is my second workshop with Tameera. The handouts were very useful with great guidance. The dream-sheet was great and I loved the meditation. Thank you for the inspiration and insights. I’m ready to manifest some positive changes in my life. Today’s workshop was the first step to help me move forward in my healing journey.

Julie Truong

The materials were helpful and educational. Tameera’s presentation was great and clear! Loved your energy and inspiration. Love the intro, magazine cutting, gluing and vision board activation! Loved it all. Everything was helpful and fun! Definitely interested in more workshops with Tameera 🙂


Great value for money and loved the workshop space. The duration was absolutely perfect. I found the Feng Shui chart useful to incorporate with vision boarding. Thank you Tameera, beautiful soul xx

Pina Serbati

The supporting handouts were a great reminder. Tameera gave a lot of information but that’s awesome and handy. I loved all of it and would not change a thing. I experienced a wonderful afternoon, felt in-touch with myself and loved the group experience.


Tameera’s vision board workshop was perfect! I found the explanation at the beginning and guidance with the part I was stuck at and my new symbol for money so helpful. I would like to do more of her workshops.


There was a lot of great knowledge shared during the workshop.


Great location, serene and peaceful. Could have stayed all night!! You can’t put a price on enlightenment 10/10.


I feel I am moving closer to where I am meant to be. Thank you Tameera!


I attended your vision board workshop last year! I loved the experience. Just as a little follow-up, each ‘vision’ in love, life, career, travel, spirituality etc on my board came to fruition.

I would look at that board every day but I only realised it at the end of last year when I read the letters that we stuck on the back and reflected further on my original goals, intentions and feelings when I made it. I couldn’t believe it. I’m making another one for this year soon. I can’t wait. My mum will be making one with me too!

Amanda Chebatte

Stylist, Sydney

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