Feng Shui Energy Essentials Workshop, Sydney







Tameera’s Feng Shui workshop was life changing! The Bagua Map that was thought by Tameera was useful and very easy to apply in life straight away. Very happy to have this knowledge, which I can make use of in every choice I make.


I found the workshop very enjoyable and the information very practical. I have lots of ideas I can apply straight away thanks xx

Katie Woolcott

It was great value for money and I loved the workshop.

Adrijana M

The venue was lovely and I loved the information. Thank you very much for sharing your knowledge Tameera.

Wendy Shepard

Tameera is a lovely person which makes her workshop special, very generous with information, has great knowledge, is creative and intuitive.

Michelle B

Loved the evening!

Robyn Woods

Very interesting! I love how enlightening all the info is and Tameera is very attentive to all our questions and needs.

Susan S

Interesting and informative. Great info – I will try it all at home.

Liz Diqual

It was great and I learned a lot.

Andrea V

Thank you beautiful Tameera. Was such a delightful class and Learning thank you so much. I’ve already made some changes and can feel a shift. Wonderful. How exciting! I got home after the Feng Shui class and started moving things around.. couldn’t wait. I will recommend to my friend she might like your workshop.

Vicki Anderson

Tameera was a delight and gave everyone attention. Time is always limited when there are various issues to be addressed. I found the workshop absolutely perfect and loved the handouts and materials. Tameera is delightful and gave everyone attention. The workshop duration was perfect and have already begun using some of the skills I learnt. I found learning about the space and values in life most helpful. Tameera is a very knowledgeable presenter!

Prefer to remain anonymous

Thank you so much Tameera – We loved your workshop and we can’t wait to start implementing some changes at home. Thank you so much for all of the information you shared. Best wishes and have a great day.


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