Astrology Numerology Essentials for Life Relationships + You Workshop, ONLINE

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Thank you so much for a beautiful afternoon yesterday – it was so lovely to meet you 😉 The workshop and venue was perfect! Wonderful company, wonderful energy and fantastic content! Thank you also for the stunning lotus flower postcard – I have pinned it up next to me in my office and I cannot stop looking at it – such a beautiful reminder of not only yourself, but also of the infinite power and beauty of our universe.
Leanne W

Lots of great information and knowledge. Great value and venue!
Adriana V

I learned more about myself and made new friends! So much great information thank you!
Jana Carrozzi

I learned how to read a chart, with insight into the planets and their influence. Since Sunday I’ve been talking to everyone about your course, and was even calculating the numerology for my construction team and the engineer yesterday. They were amazed how spot on the readings are and funny enough we all have the same numbers so not a shock that we have a good team who all gets along!
Tanya H

Wonderful to get so many great handouts to take home! I also gained an understanding of why I’m feeling the way I am.
Julie D

The venue was a really lovely space; the timing was just right. Very good value for money. Tameera’s presentation was wonderful! I received new insights into my personality. Thank you!! Xx
Anita Smith

So much to digest! Numerology was very insightful, I will put this into practise. Thank you!!
Jennifer M

Tameera’s astrology numerology workshop was absolutely perfect! I’ve already begun using some of the skills I learnt. I thought Tameera was very patient and kind to all her students. She had fabulous knowledge and I think we all walked out eager to learn more after a successful afternoon.
Stav Hatchett

Very comfortable room, I enjoyed the afternoon and snacks! Tameera is very informative, I enjoyed the personal readings. Awesome content learnt lots of new things! Thanks Tameera it was a lot of fun!
Mel Legovic

Really informative, lots of knowledge. Very confident on reading numerology.

What a lovely day. Thank you xx
Jennifer W

Love the handouts and the amount of information. Very informative in a warm and friendly environment. You have such great insight – I learnt so much!
Rochelle B

It could have been longer – a lot to fit in. Tameera is very lovely and very knowledgeable. Really amazing insights!
Natalia H

Awesome crash course where I learnt the essentials of numerology and astrology. Thank you so much!
Eileen C

Hi Tameera, it was my pleasure to be able to attend your astrology numerology workshop in Glebe where you have shared your knowledge and experiences in astrology and numerology with us. Definitely it’s giving deep insights of the things happening in this universe and our life that we could avoid by taking extra caution during certain periods. It’s like opening a pandoras box that reveals the secret of the universe…. amazing things to learn and useful tools to help ourselves and others. I’m really grateful to be able to learn this knowledge from you. You are amazing and also have beautiful soul. Cheers & Regards
Dolly Yurydah

Words can’t even describe what amazing emotions I went through during my reading with Tameera! She confirmed so many things in me and it was super comfortable speaking with her, and this is coming from someone that’s an introvert! When I say words can’t express how thankful my paths crossed with Tameera’s, I mean it. The only thing I can say is how thankful I am. My emotions right now, are just nothing but feeling thankful! If you’ve crossed paths with Tameera, it’s for a reason. Tameera, you know how thankful I am for you! Love you! P.S. will be a repeat client!
Lisa Susan

Tameera’s energy is beautiful. She presents in a gentle transfixing manner and shows powerfully that she really knows her stuff. I was engaged from start to finish!
Kim McMahon

The Essence Alchemist

I really enjoyed the balance of astrology and numerology. Great workshop, thank you!
Nikki Workman

The numerology was really interesting and helpful. I really liked being able to see the compatibility between my boyfriend and I. It was really interesting and I’m keen to learn more. Thank you very much!!
Jacinta Hoogenboom

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