“Quick question I have a money corner, had it set up for a while but I am not sure I have it right. Do you know what I should have there? Have I the correct place far corner left hand side away from doors? Any pointers please peace happiness and abundance to you. My house number is 38.” Thanks ~ Eleanor Reid Ganesh

Hi Eleanor, standing at your front door your main money wealth corner according to Feng Shui is the far back left of your home.  Each room has a money/wealth corner (far back left from your front door), except for your bedroom which is the far back left corner from the bedroom door. The key is to complete one area at a time.

Easy tips to enhance your wealth energy with Feng Shui (remember to keep it simple and only do what feels right for you).

Wood is the element representing your wealth area. You can add:

– Amethyst, jade and/or citrine crystals.
– Anything gold.
– A few dollar bills or a jar of coins (travel coins work a treat).
– Plants (except in bedroom unless far from your bed) – preferably with rounded leaves. Lucky bamboo is always a great addition in soil or water (indirect sunlight).
– A tree if possible in your gardens far back left corner.
– World globe.
– Anything representing water including a fish tank, pond or water fountain. It’s auspicious to have 3, 5, 7 or 9 fish according to traditional Feng Shui, with all gold and one black fish to remove negative energy. Be sure to keep your fish happy and well fed with plants and the water clean.
– A Chinese jade tree.
– A wooden Buddha
– A Chinese money frog with a coin in your currency in it’s mouth.
– Ganesha – The four armed elephant headed Indian deity and remover of obstacles, he is patron of the arts and sciences, intellect and wisdom. And the god of new beginnings.
– Lakshmi – Like Ganesha, Lakshmi has four arms. She is the Hindu goddess of wealth, fortune and prosperity.
– A happy picture of you, your partner and kids and/or animals in a gold frame.
– Nature images.
– A Sun catcher (if your window or door is here).
– Wooden wind chimes.

Things to avoid in your wealth area (back left corner) with Feng Shui:

– Trash can.
– Unpaid bills, receipts and unopened letters.
– Clutter.
– Vacant space.
– Anything representing fire.
– Bathroom and sink. If in this area be sure to keep the toilet seat down, fix dripping taps immediately. Keep a plug in the sink and a lucky bamboo plant in the area.

With your home number being a 38, this adds to a 11/2 master vibration energy in numerology. People prefer to be in partnerships in an 11/2 energy, if you’re in a partnership which is not for your highest good it will disintegrate to bring in the right one for you.  Your home will resonate with harmonic music being played, also try adding something angelic to your walls or garden with a peace symbol. Keep clutter to a minimum and your front of home welcoming.

“Hi Tameera, can I please ask for your advice. My house number is 31, I’m a bit unsure about my money corner and always drowning in debt.” Many thanks Lynette Lipovac – Canberra

Hi Lynette, thanks for your question. Over the years I’ve experienced clients in a home energy which adds to 4 feeling they have to work very hard to achieve their goals.  I’d need to look further into your date of birth for more life direction and clarity through a personal session however I can give you some quick fixes for now.

Basically the 4 in numerology represents career, plans, stability, education, order, structure and family foundations.  It can bring a sense of rigidness to change. If you’re building a family, studying, a very tidy person, climbing the career ladder and like lots of structure in your life a 4 energy can be a positive home address to live in.  For others a sense of working very hard and not achieving much can bring a sense of overwhelm.

I feel to counteract this and bring some lightness into your life I recommend you purchase a gold 8 and pop it inside your front door or the back of your letterbox.  This will bring your homes energy to a lighter 3 vibration. The 3 will introduce laughter and creativity into your life broadening your social circle to which I feel in turn will enhance your career prospects and money energy.

Remember money is simply energy. Instead of drowning in debt try affirming “I’m having fun recreating abundance in my life, every-day things get easier and easier and I’m always supported.”

house-number-1042632_1920I also want you to clear out anything you’re not using in your life, remove ALL clutter from your home as well (including computer files). You can then follow the Feng Shui tips for wealth above.

“Hi Tameera, my address is 19636 can you help me?” Donna Houch Austin ~ California

Hi Donna, your home address adds to a 7. I’m not sure what you wanted to focus on however I think I have a clue! The 7 home energy can feel isolating as the 7 in numerology is one of the ‘introverted’ numbers. If for example you are a yogi, writer, researcher or deeply spiritual person preferring your time alone a 7 energy can be an inspiring place to live.

The 7 in  numerology is also a ‘water number’ in the home it can bring leakages, washing machines and dishwashers breaking more often, flooding, ‘other entities’, vivid dreams and a sense there really is more in this universe than we can see.  It can also bring a sense of ‘finding a higher place’, if you’re not spiritually inclined be careful abusing drugs and alcohol.

To help counteract the energy of your home’s 7 address I recommend adding extra plants and energizing your fame and reputation area which is the far back centre of your home with red. You can add a red fan, a plant with a red base and a sun-catcher if your window or door is there.

After tuning into your home I feel you’ll do well adding an 8 on the inside of your letterbox or back of your door. This will bring your homes energy to a 6. The 6 is pregnant with love.  It will bring your partnerships and family closer to you, with a sense of relief from any stagnation you’ve been experiencing. This new vibration will also help reignite passion in your career and love of life again.

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