Employee Compatibility 

Narrowed down the search for your prospective staff members? CV’s and interviews often glossNaked Tan 1 over a person’s true nature. I’ll help you choose the best fit for your team.

A professional consultation with Tameera can save you thousands of dollars, precious time and energy.

Is working together a good idea? Compatibility insight is a key factor in making or breaking your team.
Through our session we’ll look at communication styles, emotions, how they interact in relationships including attitudes and personality types.
– Special number combinations can bring an extra touch to your business.

“Tameera helped me to work out compatibilities with my future staff according to their astrology and numerology. I do not make any major decisions without consulting with Tameera first to ensure that I’m making the right choices and decision in relation to my Astrology and Numerology. What a divine gift Tameera has to share with us and assist us on our life’s journey. Tameera is very passionate, dedicated and extremely knowledgeable in her craft.” Jana Carrozzi, Owner Anahata Therapies, Mosman Sydney

Tameera can cover around three prospective staff members plus yourself and/or their manager in 30 minutes.

You can combine this session with other services ~ 30 minutes $65 or 1 hour $120.

You’ll receive a personal consultation (just like Tameera’s with you) recorded.

Book now hello@tameera.com or call 0415 794 897.

Worldwide calling options:

1. Skype for your session to be recorded.
2. Add $10 for Tameera to call your mobile with a recording.
3. You call Tameera with no recording.

Tameera is based in Sydney, Australia. Payment is in AUD via bank deposit or Paypal. A tax invoice receipt can be supplied on request.

Required for session:

1. First and last names.
2. Dates of birth (if available).
3. Country and city of birth (if available).

How your session works:

Tameera will organise a time with you via email. Tameera will call you via Skype or mobile at your session time (unless you have chosen to call). Your recording and charts will be sent by the next business day (except for in-person Feng Shui).