Could you imagine working in a bank for most of your life, with a desire to heal people then waking one day to have electric energy flowing through your hands?

I recently returned from teaching and consulting at my dear friend Mitch Rilett’s Bali Holistic Retreat in Sanur as part of an incredible program he puts together (running each month). I journeyed with part of the group to visit a ‘Vibrational Energy Therapist’ in Ubud after experiencing the healing waters of Tirta Empul Temple famous for its holy spring water where Balinese Hindus go for ritual purification.

Tirta Empul Temple, Ubud

When I walked into the grounds of the Vibrational Energy Therapist ‘Desak Mangku’ in Ubud I had a complete deja vu (see main picture above). I dreamt of this place a few months earlier – in the exact surroundings so I figured I was meant to be here. This was my date with destiny!  Each person came out with a huge smile and look of disbelief, I was the last of the group to go in totally unprepared for what was about to happen.

We had to take all our jewellery off (I realise now it’s because we would have probably been electrocuted).

I’ve had plenty of massages and healings before that left me feeling blissed out so figured it would be something similar. I was told by Desak to lay down on the bed, she then placed a cloth over my eyes then started running her hands a few inches over my legs bringing an incredible electric energy through. I had to peak to see where the machine was – no machine just her hands.

I asked how this was happening and she told me to just relax, explaining it would feel stronger around any blockages, which she would clear through the energy vibrating from her hands.

Back in March 2019 I developed a chronic blood clot in my right leg (and was rushed through hospital emergency) after I was working through my own ancestral clearing of my family blood lines through past life regressions.  Four doctors came to see me in emergency, all perplexed as I was in otherwise perfect health, don’t smoke, no medication, wasn’t travelling. I knew this was my body trying to clear and the blockage was real.

I could feel almost a fire sensation in my leg as Desak’s hands glided over me. My left leg felt a warm tingle. She kept working over the area until the ‘fire’ cleared. Going over my jaws I felt a metallic taste which no doubt was from a couple of fillings in my mouth.

Finally, Desak laid her hands over my heart – again so much fire. The healer said I was holding onto too much pain. After she kept working over my heart area I felt a burst of emotion and saw my mother and father walking away. When we finished my right eye was completely blood shot (which later cleared). It felt like she moved any blockages through my body (and of course the blood clot from right leg).

Transpiring from all this, I’ve had new insights come through from my family that have helped me see another picture. I’ve also had further transformations occur in my life and my leg is almost better.

Desak Mangku’s ‘Vibrational Energy Therapy’ is without doubt the most profound healing I’ve ever experienced. It wasn’t until five years ago she realised she had this incredible gift flowing through her hands (after working in a bank for many years – and yes she can turn her ‘super-powers’ off!). Desak’s services are basically word of mouth or through a trusted few (including Mitch’s Holistic Retreat Bali) as she doesn’t want to exhaust her gifts and have streams of tourists lining up.

“Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. This is not philosophy. This is physics.” Albert Einstein

On a basic level, Einstein said that matter (even small amounts) and energy, under certain circumstances, are interchangeable. Matter can become energy and energy can become matter.

If you’re travelling to Ubud, Bali and feel called to experience this deep level of vibrational healing transformation and we know each other, I might be able to point you in the right direction….! I truly believe the right people come to us when we’re ready and life is about experiencing energy in all it’s forms.

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