Compatibility + Dating

Want to make sure your next relationship gets off to the best start? Found ‘the one’ and want to know more? Or maybe you’re looking for clarity on a business relationship…

Through our consultation I’ll uncover your compatibility, view someone from the past or present and give you clear guidance on your future.  I can also share how you’ll best connect with potential employers, people you’d like to collaborate with, mentors, agents, business partners and more.

Some of guidance you’ll receive…
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  • Find out how compatible you are and how to make things work.
  • Deep insight on your attitudes, personalities and hearts desires.
  • The dynamics of working together.
  • Discover your communication styles for smooth sailing.
  • Learn how you best relate with your partner: are they deep down slow or fast movers, flexible or fixed, home loving or adventurous types?
  • Understand the kind of person you’re both attracted to.
  • Life direction and how to make this year amazing.
  • Tarot guidance for further intuitive insight.

“Just wanted to thank you for your time earlier today – such an amazing phone call that has filled me with a lot of clarity and further motivation.” ~ Sarah Pearce Director, Travelshoot

You can combine this session with other services ~ 30 minutes $65 or 1 hour $120.

Book now or call 0415 794 897.

You’ll receive a personal consultation (just like Tameera’s in your home) recorded including your astrology charts and numerology blueprints with life changing insight!

Worldwide calling options:

1. Skype for your session to be recorded.
2. Add $10 for Tameera to call your mobile with a recording.
3. You call Tameera with no recording.

Required for session:

1. First and last names.
2. Dates and times of birth (if available).
3. Country and city of birth.

How your session works:

Tameera will organise a time with you via email. Tameera will call you via Skype or mobile at your session time (unless you have chosen to call). Your recording and charts will be sent by the next business day.

Tameera is based in Sydney, Australia. Payment is in AUD via bank deposit or Paypal. A tax invoice receipt can be supplied on request.

“I can’t change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination.” ~ Jimmy Dean