According to Greek legend Chiron’s father was the Greek god Kronus (Saturn) his mother was a beautiful nymph named Philyra. Chiron was known to be a teacher, healer and prophet famous for his knowledge of medicine.

Chiron’s placement in your astrology birthchart shines light on what you’ve chosen to work through this lifetime. With his symbol shaped like a key could Chiron be the secret to opening a new door to your life?

“The wound is the place where the light enters you.” ~ Rumi

Chiron takes 40/50 years to journey through all 12 zodiac signs. From around the ages of 42 to 51 you will experience your Chiron Return.

When Chiron returns within 10 degrees of your natal Chiron, that’s when the lightning bolt moment or healing crisis often occurs! If you’ve resisted the temptation to heal old wounds or not live to your full potential this is when your mid-life crisis can step into play.

For those of you on path, when Chiron returns to your sign, your life purpose can take you to new highs. Living a life of abundance whilst helping others on their journey. Unlocking Chiron’s key is stepping into the life of your dreams.

How long does Chiron stay in a sign? Depending on how much work he feels needs to be done, Chiron weaves his way in and out. He generally spends 8 years in Aries with 1.5 years in Libra. A possible explanation could be more time is needed to work on ‘asserting the self through Aries’ than ‘learning balance through Libra’.

BIG NEWS! So today 18/19 Feb 2019 (depending on where you are in the world) marks a rather special occasion. Chiron has just moved from letting go of limiting beliefs in Pisces (the 12th and final sign of the Zodiac) to learning independence in Aries (the 1st and beginning). With a super full moon in the works, if you’re feeling internal shifts – just know there are some major energies happening right now.

Whether you’re having your Chiron return or not, recognising and healing through Chiron’s energy will give you the key to transformation.

With occasional back-tracks through retrogrades, I’ve included below dates and years so you can see when Chiron journeys to transform your life. Your house placement of Chiron gives further insight, you will need your time of birth for this (contact me for more info).

Find your Natal Chiron with the dates below (Eastern Standard Time). Then discover how to heal your wounds and transform through Chiron’s key:

May 24, 1926 Chiron enters Taurus
Oct 20, 1926 Chiron Retrograde enters Aries
Mar 25, 1927 Chiron enters Taurus
June  6, 1933 Chiron enters Gemini
Dec 22, 1933 Chiron Retrograde enters Taurus
Mar 23, 1934 Chiron enters Gemini
Aug 27, 1937 Chiron enters Cancer
Nov 22, 1937 Chiron Retrograde enters Gemini
May 28, 1938 Chiron enters Cancer
Sep 29, 1940 Chiron enters Leo
Dec 27, 1940  Chiron Retrograde enters Cancer
June 16, 1941 Chiron enters Leo
July 26, 1943 Chiron enters Virgo
Nov 17, 1944 Chiron enters Libra
Mar 23, 1945 Chiron Retrograde enters Virgo
July 22, 1945 Chiron enters Libra
Nov 10, 1946 Chiron enters Scorpio
Nov 28, 1948 Chiron enters Sagittarius
Feb  8, 1951 Chiron enters Capricorn
June 18, 1951 Chiron Retrograde enters Sagittarius
Nov  8, 1951 Chiron enters Capricorn
Jan 27, 1955 Chiron enters Aquarius
Mar 26, 1960 Chiron enters Pisces
Aug 19, 1960 Chiron Retrograde enters Aquarius
Jan 20, 1961 Chiron enters Pisces
Apr  1, 1968 Chiron enters Aries
Oct 18, 1968 Chiron Retrograde enters Pisces
Jan 30, 1969 Chiron enters Aries
May 28, 1976 Chiron enters Taurus
Oct 13, 1976 Chiron Retrograde enters Aries
Mar 28, 1977 Chiron enters Taurus
June 21, 1983 Chiron enters Gemini
Nov 29, 1983 Chiron Retrograde enters Taurus
Apr 10, 1984 Chiron enters Gemini
June 21, 1988 Chiron enters Cancer
July 21, 1991 Chiron enters Leo
Sep  3, 1993 Chiron enters Virgo
Sep  9, 1995 Chiron enters Libra
Dec 29, 1996 Chiron enters Scorpio
Apr  4, 1997 Chiron Retrograde enters Libra
Sep  2, 1997 Chiron enters Scorpio
Jan  7, 1999 Chiron enters Sagittarius
June  1, 1999 Chiron Retrograde enters Scorpio
Sep 21, 1999 Chiron enters Sagittarius
Dec 11, 2001 Chiron enters Capricorn
Feb 21, 2005 Chiron enters Aquarius
July 31, 2005 Chiron Retrograde enters Capricorn
Dec  5, 2005 Chiron enters Aquarius
Apr 20, 2010 Chiron enters Pisces
July 20, 2010 Chiron Retrograde enters Aquarius
Feb  8, 2011 Chiron enters Pisces
Apr 17, 2018 Chiron enters Aries
Sep 25, 2018 Chiron Retrograde enters Pisces
Feb 18, 2019 Chiron enters Aries
Jun 19, 2026 Chiron enters Taurus
Sep 17, 2026 Chiron Retrograde enters Aries
Apr 14, 2027 Chiron enters Taurus
Jul 19, 2033 Chiron enters Gemini
Oct 23, 2033 Chiron Retrograde enters Taurus
May  5, 2034 Chiron enters Gemini
Jul 22, 2038 Chiron enters Cancer
Jan  8, 2039 Chiron Retrograde enters Gemini
Apr 26, 2039 Chiron enters Cancer
Aug 28, 2041 Chiron enters Leo
Feb  9, 2042 Chiron Retrograde enters Cancer
May 16, 2042 Chiron enters Leo
Oct 23, 2043 Chiron enters Virgo
Feb 10, 2044 Chiron Retrograde enters Leo
Jul  1, 2044 Chiron enters Virgo
Oct 24, 2045 Chiron enters Libra

Chiron in Aries (or 1st House):

Wounds to heal: Learning non-reaction (instead of anger), feeling unlovable, isolation, feeling you need to be number one and thinking only of yourself (in your occupation, family and relationships), judging and comparing, rash decisions.

Transformation through: Learning we are all one, heart centred independence and individuality, creatively expressing yourself, helping others succeed, living your freedom, self-trust and self-love.

Chiron in Taurus (or 2nd House):

Wounds to heal: Fearing change, gluttony, hoarding, over eating/drinking, rigid attitude, bottling anger, putting yourself before others, self-depreciation (I’m not made of money).

Transformation through: Helping others with resources, generosity, living with an abundance mindset, being the calm during the storm, creative self-expression, regular physical routine.

Chiron in Gemini (or 3rd House):

Wounds to heal: Fear of abandonment or being without your ‘other-half’, co-dependency, lying, gossiping, addictions to devices, sibling rivalry, nervous chatter, spreading resources too finely, laughing at others, burning out.

Transformation through: Connecting people, bringing joy through your words, shining light into a dark situation, writing, communication, being in the moment.

Chiron in Cancer (or 4th House):

Wounds to heal: Hoarding resources and/or money (feeling there’s not going enough to last), not feeling safe with your connections to home (heritage/family/where you live), self-sabotage of having children or your own children through relationships, up and down relationship with food and body image, hiding away, mother issues.

Transformation through: Empowering women, creating a safe place for people to live, trusting your intuition, learning money is energy, creating communities, finding your tribe, co-creative relationships, unconditional love for your mother and her choices.

Chiron in Leo (or 5th House):

Wounds to heal: Being the centre of attention, vanity, not being true to yourself or others, getting caught in chaos, addictions to love, treating children as an extension of yourself (or being the eternal child), living your life as a stage show.

Transformation through: Creative self-expression, protecting through unconditional love, embracing the dramatic arts, helping others reach their potential, embracing your inner-child.
Chiron in Virgo (or 6th House):

Wounds to heal: Perfectionism, excessive criticism, military style order, anxiety through feeling judged, neurosis, never feeling you are good enough, micromanaging.

Transformation through: Helping people take control of their own lives through creating structures, healing through food, loving your body, letting go of perfection.

Chiron in Libra (or 7th House):

Wounds to heal: Indecision, living unbalanced, unable to commit to anything or anyone, living with rose tinted glasses, sitting on the fence, passive aggression, co-dependency, vanity.

Transformation through: Learning balance, loving yourself and others equally, co-creation, bringing beauty into being, helping others find love, tactful assertiveness.

Chiron in Scorpio (or 8th House):

Wounds to heal: Control, sex and substance addictions, power struggles, obsessive behaviour, taking responsibility for yourself, low vibration relationships, cynicism, conditional love, deception.

Transformation through: Helping people through rites of passages such as doula work, living your life purpose, soulmate experiences, unconditional love, freedom through family and friends, deep friendships, sexual healing, alchemy.

Chiron in Sagittarius (or 9th House):

Wounds to heal: Tactless, overpowering, narcissism, eternal nomad, feeling unsettled, insensitive, know-it-all, over preaching, dogma.

Transformation through: Philosophy, helping others achieve their dreams, bridging the world and smaller communities, higher truths for the greater of mankind, bringing light to situations, deeper faith and education.

Chiron in Capricorn (or 10th House):

Wounds to heal: Escapism through career, obsessive tendencies, gratification through status and money, needing constant approval, authoritarian, controlling behaviour, father issues.

Transformation through: Developing resources to help others grow, leadership allowing others freedom, unconditional love for your father and his choices, healthy money habits.

Chiron in Aquarius (or 11th House):

Wounds to heal: Detachment, constant rebellion, abstract thoughts, communication breakdowns, cutting yourself off from the world, narrow views, bettering one cause over another.

Transformation through: Social justice, connecting the world, helping to build the utopian dream, developing communities, selfless independence, open communication.

Chiron in Pisces (or 12th House):

Wounds to heal: Escapism, addictions, feeling bound to a parent, not living your truth, saying one thing and doing another, living too much in the material or the opposite – hiding yourself from reality, co-dependency, living with rose tinted glasses, eternal sailor, martyrdom.

Transformation through: Selflessness, living in reality, finding the deeper meaning to life and embracing it, helping people find themselves, deeper spiritual connections, unconditional friendships, soulmate love, being present.

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