Child and you relationship life direction

Childhood is a time filled with promise. A new life, fresh beginnings, and for parents and teachers – it’s the ultimate challenge. How many times have parents wondered why kids did not come with instruction manuals?! There’s a secret: they do!

Each person is born at a special time, on a certain day and place. Astrologers and numerologists use this information to chart the positions of the planets relative to the date, time and place of birth. This chart, provides an invaluable and exceptional view of the potentials, drives and needs.

You’ll receive clarity and personal direction for your relationship and life with your child:

  • In-depth guidance uncovering your communication styles, attitudes, hearts desires, emotions, personalities, image to the world and learning methods.
  • Is your child naturally intuitive, creative or fixed in ways? Discover how to best work with their energies.
  • Learn how major life cycles affect your world, making the most of your years and more.

“Tameera’s gift for combining her extensive knowledge of Astrology and Numerology means that she was able to provide me with a clear map of the path ahead. In our session, she highlighted several areas that would be rising in importance in my career, personal and family life over the coming months and year and this information has enabled me to adjust my focus and bring me into a serene sense of flow and abundance. As I work in the Spiritual arena myself, I recognise and appreciate Tameera’s deep sense of dedication and her gift for her work.”
~ Ruth Phillips BA CMC Clairvoyant Medium Australia and United Kingdom

Astrology chart for Maxima Zuckerberg (daughter of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg)

You can combine your session with other services ~ 30 minutes $65 or 1 hour $120.

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You’ll receive a personal consultation (just like Tameera’s in your home) recorded including your astrology charts and numerology blueprints with life changing insight!


Call options:

1. Skype for your session to be recorded.
2. Add $10 for Tameera to call your mobile with a recording.
3. You call Tameera with no recording.

Tameera is based in Sydney, Australia. Payment is in AUD via bank deposit or PayPal.

Required for session:

  1. Full name on birth certificates and names you use each day (first and last).
  2. Dates and times of birth (if available).
  3. Country and city of birth.

How your session works:

Tameera will organise a time with you via email. Tameera will call you via Skype or mobile at your session time (unless you have chosen to call). Your recording and charts will be sent by the next business day (except for in-person Feng Shui).