One of the things I love about astrology is being able to know when to take action or having confirmation of the highest timelines around the big questions in life, like buying or moving into your dream home 🏡

I recently purchased a beautiful apartment in an area with a fab culture and vibe in the Inner West of Sydney, it fell into place really quickly and is also a 28/10 in numerology (the same as my lifepath number).

Just like us, homes hold a frequency which is further revealed through numerology.  When calculating your home, add each number together of your whole address and bring to a single digit.

Keeping things simple, if I could share one word for each home vibration through numerology:

The 1 home represents beginnings, 2 partnerships, 3 communications, 4 stability, 5 change, 6 family, 7 spirituality, 8 transformation and 9 completion.

I knew Jupiter moved into my 4th house of Cancer (family/home/foundations) a few months ago though I looked into my astrology transits after I had put an offer in for the new home and saw something very interesting!

A week before I found my new apartment (wow)… Jupiter was forming an exact conjunction to my natal Sun in the 4th house of Cancer. 12 years ago Jupiter was in the same 4th house placement in my chart, I was with my now ex-husband and had a home loan approved at the exact same time.  My guides and angels were looking after me as every property I found he didn’t like – the chords were eventually cut and we parted ways without being further tied in on a karmic financial level.

Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune and Pluto are slow moving, when one of these planets forms a trine (3 planets away from a natal planet) or a conjunction (sitting on top of a natal planet) you can expect something major to shift in your world. Jupiter ruling Sagittarius takes 12 years to orbit around your natal chart, Saturn ruling Capricorn 28 years, Neptune ruling Pisces 164 years and Pluto ruling Scorpio 248 years.  Not everyone experiences these transits however when they do occur it’s immense!

Jupiter brings expansion and luck. When this larger than life planet connects with planets in your 2nd, 4th or 8th natal astrology chart houses, your dream home or investment may be just around the corner. I thought I’d share a brief breakdown of the major astrology house placements magnetising your home energy.  If you have planets placed in these houses a conjunction will occur at some point with Jupiter lasting 6 to 9 months every 12 years.

Knowing how and when to work with the energy is life changing to say the least.  If you’re not familiar with your own astrology chart, you have 12 houses, when planets are placed in a house you further take on the energy. So you could hold a Gemini Sun in the 4th house of Cancer which magnifies your gifts around buying/selling/designing property.

2nd House: When Jupiter moves into your 2nd house of Taurus money flows more readily and is also connected to deepening your self-worth and foundations. There is deeper abundance to receive! PS: If you hold your Sun or Moon in the second house you will have a natural gift with property in this lifetime and something you have chosen on a soul level.
4th House: When Jupiter moves into your 4th house of Cancer the energy is magnetised to expand your home, moving to a new or larger home, renovate, or relocate to home surrounded by larger, open spaces and different cultures.

8th House: When Jupiter moves into your 8th house of Scorpio joint enterprises and investments benefit during this year long transit.  It can also be when you receive a transformative gift, inheritance or legacy.
When Jupiter conjuncts the Sun in your astrology:

This powerful conjunction of Jupiter and the Sun which lasts for approximately 7 months magnifies optimism and self-confidence. Jupiter expands and the Sun is how you shine in life / your core being.

This is when you can really tap into the frequencies to achieve your goals on a heightened level with extra support around you.  It’s a feeling of being able to take on the world.  Your goals are within reach, it’s a golden period in your timeline.

Altruism is at an all-time high. Abundance and prosperity are key words for this period. Opportunities to spread your wings can come in a variety of ways…

Perhaps you’ve always wanted to travel around the world or study a subject that transforms your life. Now is the time. Jupiter conjunct your Sun helps bring your dreams into fruition. It’s a golden era.  As Jupiter also rules publishing and the deeper meaning of life, you may find media opportunities coming through, downloads for a book you’ve wanted to write or a publishing deal falling into your lap.

You’re in a heightened space to receive recognition and appreciation for the hard work you’ve been putting in.

When Jupiter conjuncts your Sun it’s time to expand your world. Inspired action is the key. Remember moderation and balance are also important, you’re in a potent space to attract the co-operation of important people and likeminded others.

Astrology means knowledge of the stars. It’s a 2,400 year old ancient science, working with this knowledge has transformed my life and thousands of others around the globe.

Here is an insight into my chart when the conjunction happened and I found my dream home using astrology. See the 4th house with Jupiter at 14 degrees conjunct my sun at 14 degrees. The agent said it was the quickest sale he had ever experienced, and I purchased at an amazing price with an almost identical apartment selling for $80k more the year before…

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