Despite Jon Snow and Ygritte being killed off in Game of Thrones I think they might have won in the end. Or for a while anyway…

Ygritte (Rose Leslie) the feisty red haired archer valuing herself as a free woman captures King Jon Snow (Kit Harrington). And this is where they fell in love whilst shooting by the lights of Aurora Borealis in Iceland 2012 four years ago.

Rose and Kit experienced wild, unbridled, passionate love on-set and a merging of equals, supporting each other with their real life romance only becoming public April this year. Four years is a long time to keep your relationship under wraps though don’t you think?

OK on a more serious note I wanted to take a look at the energy between Rose Leslie Kit Harrington through astrology and numerology.  Do they have what it takes for the long haul?

“You know nothing, Jon Snow.”  ~ Ygritte 

Christopher Catesby Harington (Jon Snow) born 26 December 1986, London UK.
Rose Eleanor Arbuthnot-Leslie (Ygritte) born 9 February 1987 Aberdeen, Scotland.

With numerology we have numbers that produce easy compatibility or seem to be a natural fit, called perfect matches. We have numbers that are usually compatible and find it easy to get along – natural matches. Neutral numbers that can go either way and numbers that are often a challenge requiring compromise.

So let’s take a look at Rose and Kit. Is their connection for real?

Kit Rose numbers
The most important numbers are the lifepaths added from dates of birth. Like a cake there are many layers to make it look and taste good and of course stay together.  Kit (Jon Snow) and Rose (Ygritte) not surprisingly both have leadership numbers as their lifepaths, the 8 and 9 are not naturally compatibly and have to learn to agree to disagree.

Kit is an 8 lifepath which is heaven balancing on earth or chasing the tale. It’s the CEO of all the numbers, money is always surrounding this number and they like to be in charge.  Blunt is their specialty.  Interestingly when the 8 is in their most balanced form they make great counsellors, assisting the underdog and  supporting others financially in some way.

Rose’s 9 lifepath is also a leader, though a completely different energy to the 8. The 9 in numerology doesn’t like schedules or hierarchy preferring to reach the world through humanitarian pursuits. They lead by example which can clash with the 8 who prefer to lead by discipline .

Rose has two 9’s in her chart (dayborn and lifepath), with Kit having two 8’s (dayborn and lifepath).  Sometimes there can be a synergy with a lifepath connecting the dayborn and vice versa. It’s not happening here though. Their 9 and 8 energy will create a magnetic pull between them, which can at times overstep boundaries creating friction. If they can understand and respect the power each one holds they sky is the limit.

Kit Harrington will be happy when he’s discovering spirituality, learning about his purpose on earth, travel and research with a 7 in his heart/soul.  This is the most private of all numbers, and quite possibly why their romance was kept under wraps for such a long time.  In contrast to Rose’s 3 , her heart will be happy when making light of a situation. The 3 is like a spring always bouncing back quickly, wanting to communicate. The 7 wants to retreat, the 3 wants to talk. You get it. They might not.

Both Rose and Kit have a perfect match with their personalities – Rose’s 8 will like to take the lead and Kit’s 4 will be happy to work in the background.  They have a soul connection with their main expressions both being an 11/2 master vibration.  This shows me they both like to be in a partnership, create peace and master their creativity and spirituality through music, art, dance, spirituality and singing.


Iceland Aurora’s

Rose and Kit also share an 11/2 master vibration attitude which is powerful.   Other than their roles on Game of Thrones I don’t actually know anything about them, from the 11/2 master vibrations I feel they will both truly express themselves through their spirituality and creativity. They’ll also share a love of music either playing instruments or singing together. People will be drawn to their vibration.

Special number combinations: Kit Harrington holds a special number combination of 2 and 7 which makes him naturally psychic, he’ll be able to tune into others and no doubt have strong visions through his dreams. Rose Leslie has an incredible four 11/2 master vibrations in her chart which confirms she is a true artist wanting to bring peace to the world.

Many will be drawn to Rose’s voice and transformed by her expression through art.  Rose also embodies two 9’s which means she will have abandonment issues to overcome through family or partnerships. It’s important to let go of the past and understand we’re all just here to learn so this cycle is not recreated – others can gain from her wisdom and high vibrational energy.

Each year we experience a new personal phase which is calculated from our birthday’s. Numerology personal years revolve over 9 year cycles. Kit is currently in a powerful 1 personal year – with his 8 lifepath he’ll be more focused on big business and career with many opportunities coming Kit’s way.  Rose is in a 9 personal year of letting go of what’s not needed to bring in what is to renew.

Rose and Kit both experienced their Saturn returns together (ages 27 to 30) which will be exiting stage left now.  Saturn can bring hard lessons, it can also bring soulmate unions, and massive transformations in life. Sometimes death metaphorically or literally speaking. I guess they did kind of die.

We all experience four pinnacles in life, everyone is different according to your date of birth.  Rose and Kit were both born into an 11/2 master vibration until the age of 27/28.  I’d be very surprised if they don’t have angelic singing voices with all the 11/2 energy around.  I’m also seeing them paint as an energy outlet. Their parents may have played a strong influence particularly the mother in terms of voice and creativity.

Rose and Kit Harrington will be experiencing huge shifts this year in 2016 with a pinnacle change for Rose into a 7 and Kit to a 5.  Their pinnacles are compatible which is good news for them.  Rose in her 7 will want more privacy, she’ll be drawn more around the ocean preferring to work only with others who are compatible at her energy level, she may teach and travel more than ever and go on to be recognised as a leader in her field.

Kit has moved into a 5 pinnacle for the next 9 years – this will bring many opportunities his way, the media will be further drawn to him. Travel will be an important aspect of his life, focusing one an area he wants to pursue will be the hard part. The pinnacle energies between Rose and Kit work because the 7 in numerology likes to find a higher plane and the 5 likes to travel to one. Metaphorically speaking of course.

A major challenge is Kit and Rose’s destiny. Kit is a 5 – he’ll feel fulfilled when experiencing freedom and new experiences.  Rose’s destiny is a master vibration 11/2 which brings fulfillment through partnership, balance, healing and harmony. Compromise and understanding will be needed.

Astrologically this is how Kit Harrington and Rose Leslie match.
Kit Rose astroWhen I look at a couples astrology charts I can see how they respond emotionally to each other, communication styles and the love they like to give and receive. Sun sign compatibility is not the most important.  Sometimes a moon or sun will connect, which helps when two moons are incompatible.

Challenges are shown however there is a harmonious connection between their moon (emotions) and venus (how you give and receive love).

Looking at their sun signs Aquarius (Rose) and Capricorn (Kit) are both hard working and can be aloof at times.  Capricorn’s are grounded and like to have routine and stability.  This is not something in an Aquarian vocabulary.  I know so many people with ‘incompatible’ sun signs in the healthiest of relationships though, this is just one piece of the pie.

For me the moon is vital, and if incompatible will need to connect with the sun.  In Rose and Kit’s case their Cancer and Scorpio moon signs are a match made in heaven.  Both water signs, they can be deeply emotional and really ‘get’ each other on an intense level.

Rose has mercury (communication) in romantic, creative and dreamy Pisces, in contrast to Kit’s Sagittarius which is the archer on the horse looking for his next battle or adventure. Some upsets might occur.

Their Venus signs connect (Capricorn for Rose and Scorpio for Kit) earth and water.  This is how they like to give and receive love.  There will be a further intensity between them which is also balanced.  Rose will appreciate a man who is hard working, stable and has a dry sense of humour which is also in alignment with Kit’s Capricorn sun (his core personality).  With Kit’s Venus in Scorpio it’s about enticing his prey, seduction and

In the bedroom, Rose is fiery, energetic and can be blunt. I’m not sure Kit will keep up with his Mars in watery Pisces, as a man’s placement they like to come and go as they please can be a bit wish washy.  As Kit has both Venus, Mars and his Moon in water signs he’s going to be emotional even with under his Capricorn sun.

Astrologically this is an interesting connection.  Rose and Kit can definitely learn from each other, and if communication is flowing with mutual respect, this can work.

Overall looking at Kit Harrington through his astrology and numerology he’s empathetic, psychic, intense, emotional, hard working and a born leader.

Rose Leslie embodies mother energy, she will be able to tune into what she’s doing and to others on a deep level. Abandonment issues are there to work through, if she can do it maybe even through roles, her wisdom will elevate.  Rose is a healer transforming the world through her art.

And this is their life…

“Love is the only force capable of transforming an enemy into friend.” Martin Luther King

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